Monday, August 3, 2015

The Story of Vine

Vine is a service based on sharing 6-seconds-long videos that loop endlessly. Doesn't really scream "Internet success," right? Did you ever wonder how it came to be such a behemoth in the social networking world?

Most people heard about Vine back in 2012 when it was announced it would be acquired by Twitter, mere months after the service was founded. There are two main reasons why this was a major news story:
  1. Vines brought a new element to the concise 140-character playground of Twitter
  2. They did not require the Twitter users to leave the platform in order to watch the videos
With its short video length and easy controls (making a video is done simply by holding a button), Vine proved to be a perfect fit for Twitter, quickly becoming the most downloaded free app on iPhone a couple of months after it was launched. Buy Vine likes for your account.

And even though the two are tightly connected, Vine does not require Twitter to function - its users can simply create a separate profile on their own site and post their videos there.